Collaboration and Knowledge Capture Systems:

EpicentreTM Collaboration System, Knowledge Capture System Design, Information Capture Systems

Power Distribution Technology:

Power Distribution Systems - Local or long-haul power distribution using pulse-based distribution systems for super fault tolerant and efficient power transfer

In-Memory Transaction System:

Data Warehousing, High Speed Transaction Systems, Cloud Processing, Web-Enabled Data Storage Services

About Automae

Automae provides custom technology and engineering services to web-based and government (local, county, state, and federal) customers relating to information technology and information exploitation, automation (especially information automation), security (especially computer security), energy capture and production, and related technical services.

Our offerings include both technical services and information-based products geared towards enhancing the efficiency and reliability of our customer processes, infrastructure and products.

Our Mission: Automae’s mission is to provide best of class technology development (IT, systems engineering, computer programming, Web 2.0) and project management to American businesses and government (local, county, state, federal) entities. Automae provides the most innovative and reliable solutions at the best value in our field.